Episode 005

Verne Harnish: G.O.A.T. of Scaling Businesses


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About Verne Harnish

Verne Harnish is the author of Scaling Up and the founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which has 12,000+ members around the world. He’s also the founder and CEO of Gazelles, a global executive education and coaching company that has over 210 partners on six continents. Verne has helped a ton of businesses grow and scale, and in this episode, he breaks down some of those strategies and shares why some companies make it, while many others don’t.

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of reevaluating your relationships
  • With 11,000 new startups every hour, why some companies make it but most don’t
  • Where to focus the majority of your attention as a startup
  • A critical aspect of your business if you want to scale
  • How Elon Musk raised $4 billion without interest or equity
  • Why and how Verne started Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  • Building a company as if you have to sell it tomorrow